Thurman Hill o’ death part 2

By Dave on November 3rd, 2010

Not sure if people saw this pic.  Juan Juleek,  jumping the barrier.   I’m suprised to see him wearing the costume on Sat.  Ok,  I did my hill sprints today back to back 5 times.  No rest.  Excited to hopefully continue to improve. check it yo’s

1st    3:47

2nd  3:46

3rd   3:48

4th   3:54

5th  4:02  (damn, I wanted to do 5 under 4min)


Juleek Racing “KING Of The Mountain Part 1.0.5”

By Dave on October 26th, 2010


I’m sure most of you are wondering how I managed to destory the singlespeeds last weekend  at PIR finishing a near perfect 41st.     You’re probably asking  yourself,  “Well Darve,  how can you top that?  You truly are a machine sent back in time to destroy!  A Man beast bred to pedal to the metal!  Shouldn’t you rest and enjoy being the best***? ” And to that I respond,  I’ll rest one day but not today.   I’d like to introduce the Juleek Racing Challenge “KING Of The Mountain Part 1.0.5.”   A test to test a true tester….. A challenge to answer all answers.   A riddle that…ok anywho……

Start at the corner of 28th and Thurman in  NW.

Finish at the entrance to Leif (see picture below)

How fast can you make it to the top?  Any type of bike.  Want to be a clydesdave?  Wear a backpack filled with stuff and make sure you weigh in at a powerful, thin, rippling, hairy (dan E shot out) 206 lbs.

My best.  3:38

Today I did 5 in a row. Recorded times as followed.

1st 3:38 (tired)

2nd 3:51 (angry)

3rd 4:00 (hungry?)

4th 4:08 (pain train)

5th 4:09 (stupid juleek challenge…stupid hill)

Enjoy :)

-darve Juleek-

*** darve juleek is definitely not the best. Hell, he’s far from it.  But he does enjoy killing his body every week in the name of cyclocross.  Please say hello,  cheer, taunt  darve  if you happen to see him suffering out on the course.  He enjoys beer, sleep and burritos.

**Original Photo by the radical Chris “french toast” Nelson


Juleek Racing

By Dave on October 18th, 2010

I was looking back at my high school yearbook the other day  and found this old pic from my “racing” days.  Same body, same cool tasty style.

darve Juleek.