“Can you direct me to the jean leggings?” “Jeggings?”

By Sandy on October 25th, 2010

The Green Submarine racers know style when we see it. From our uniform color-coordinated handle-bar tape to the POW! POW! points, we’re stylin’ while rocking or rolling. So, it’s no surprise that I entered the dept store on a team mission to score a sweet pair of jean leggings. I was purposely trying to avoid the word “jeggings”, because, really, this fashion trend is just ridiculous (which may also explain why we’re partaking in it).

 I scored that pair of jeggings, but alas, the downtown Ross is now void of the latest legging trend. However, across the block, Forever XXI has several varieties to choose from. Prices range from $8.50 to 17.50. I’d shell out a little more for the elastic waistband- lest, the hot pants fall to your ankles under the weight of mud.

 Now, for your viewing pleasure, various jegging crotch shots. May or may not be NSFW.

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