It’s getting cold, but never fear Mr. Heater is here.

By sterry on October 15th, 2010

You may have noticed the recent drop in temperature. (I hope you have, if you haven’t that means you don’t get out much) And maybe you thought to your self like I did. “Gah it’s going to suck to stand around cold after my race on Sundays!”  Don’t worry a solution to this problem has presented it’s self in the form of a generous sponsorship from my parents. That’s right dear team mates my parents gave us 100 bucks to buy a portable heater. So soon Mr. Heater (he’s working on his Ph.d) will be joining us every chilly Sunday morn.

5 responses to “It’s getting cold, but never fear Mr. Heater is here.”

  1. Nat says:

    Yes! Now everyone can sit around, sip on some of Klamath Basin’s finest, peel off a layer, and watch me do my ritualistic 60+ minute Sunday sufferfest.
    Thanks Sterry & Sterry!

  2. Christian says:

    We need a logo for Sterry & Sterry…

  3. sterry says:

    Seeing as it’s actually my parents company they already have one.

  4. ravid Rulick says:

    oh yeah…that’s great…thanks Sterry & Sterry

  5. Sherry (Nat's mom) says:

    How thoughtful!

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