Pow! Pow! Points! Rainier!


This week’s Pow! Pow! Points! may seem like a no-brainer in every sense of the word, but there was actually some discussion as to whether you can qualify for Pow! Pow! if your Pow! Pow!ing may have led to your not finishing the race. Ultimately, though, we decided that putting your race at risk for the sake of style is the very definition of Pow! Pow! (And why we’re such big Lindsey Jacobellis fans.)

Lindsey Jacobellis

So hop on, Nick Gibson! And hop your way on over to The Green Sub tent-mansion at Sherwood to collect a tasty 22 of Klamath Basin, a beer strong enough to help you sleep-off the nastiest concussions!

And the rest of you, keep doing what you do, and maybe you’ll win the Pow! Pow! Points! at one of the six remaining Cross Crusade races, and qualify for the Grand Pow! Pow! Prize!

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