There is nothing quite like…

By Nat on November 23rd, 2010

…the crunch of icy dirt beneath your tires.

Could’ve done without the flat, otherwise the SS ‘cross bike on a frozen Mt. Tabor was rad rad rad.  Now let’s hope for some snow, and then bust out the mountain bikes!

2 responses to “There is nothing quite like…”

  1. Christian says:

    For once, Nat, I’m one crank turn ahead of you. Busted out the mountain bike today in New Mexico. OH MAN, fat tires are so much fun after you’ve been building up your chops on the cross bike. It’s gonna be a fun spring. =)

  2. Nat says:

    Touché, my friend. Although, in anticipation of this, I did take my mountain bike into the shop yesterday to get the horrendous creekingcracking sound fixed, and I picked it up today and rode it around the parking lot. woohooo. As for the big tires; holy geez they feel amazing after ‘crossin’ for so long. I can’t wait to get offroad!

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