Doctors Orders-Racing tips from your team “Doctor”

By sterry on October 5th, 2011

Hello All!

Once again this week finds me answering questions from loyal readers. This weeks question comes from one Tuuli Hakala who says “Dr. Dave you should write your next article on the right foods to eat during race season so that i’m not STARVING ALL FREAKING DAY LONG no matter what i seem to consume.”  Good question Tuuli!

I like to start the day with a nice big bowl of oatmeal and fresh fruit, it keeps my energized throughout the morning (not to mention it keeps me regular)  To get your recommend servings of fruit in each day why not bring fruit into the office to snack on throughout the day?  For lunch try a PB&J sandwich with a cup of yogurt too. Then cap the day off with a nice dinner of pasta with a big salad!  While this works for me it seems that the FDA has updated it’s “food pyramid” to a “food plate” so let’s take a look at this new info from the FDA to see what we should be eating.


Well we can clearly see that we should all make sure we are consuming enough of the four basic food groups; burgers, snacks, pizza and pie. And while this goes against everything I’ve just written above I can’t argue with common sense advice from the government.  So in light of that, might I suggest that you try this tasty hamburger for dinner tonight Tuuli?

-Doctor Dave Sherry, Doctor of Medical Medicine






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