Doctors Orders-Winter Addition

By sterry on February 3rd, 2012

It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s rainy. Hello mid winter! At this point in the year it’s hard to find motivation to train let alone get up off the couch and stop watching episodes of Battlestar on Netflix. So I prefer to focus on letting my body recover from all the hard work of the race season. And one of the biggest complaints I hear from my “patients” when they come into my “clinic” is joint pain. And here is what I tell them- eat a lot of greasy food. I know what you’re thinking “Doctor this makes little to no sense.”  But hear me out, after the long race season your joints will have lost some of their natural lubrication and the easiest way to replenish that is greasy food. As your body digests the grease from say a half pound of bacon, or a plate of french fries it will make sure that some of the grease finds it’s way into your joints. Thereby re-lubricating them and healing the damage you did during the races. So order that extra strip of bacon on your burger tonight, it’s good for you knees!


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