Battle at Barlow

Sun, 26 Sep 2010
Photos: Christian - flickr   Nat - picasa   Chris - flickr  

Oh what a battle it was…

The day started well enough with Christian picking up the win in what should be his final C race, while Sterry (aka Scary, aka Story, aka Starry, aka Sherry, aka Hot Legs) rode a hard fought race for 11th, “Mechanical” John came in at 19th, and Nathan 32nd. Then in the Master’s C’s Chris and Jimmy posted top-half finishes against a massive field stacked with former Olympians.

From there it was all down (up) a muddy hill. Nat rode an awesome race to take third in the Men’s B’s on a fast deteriorating course. The women then rounded out the day more off their bikes than on. Jill and Hannah got top ten finishes in the Women’s B’s in a final lap that looked more like a death march than a bicycle race, while Krissy, Sandy and Diana increased our smiles to miles ratio in the beginners race.

We then wrapped it all up at the Naval Base with brews courtesy of Klamath Basin. Good day!

2 responses to “Battle at Barlow”

  1. Nat says:

    We need to get in the business of creating tires specifically made to ride through peanutbutter. Create a partnership with Michelin & Skippy (chunky of course).

  2. sterry says:

    I’d really prefer it if we partnered with Adams 100 % Natural Peanut Butter.

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