Blind Date at the Dairy #2

Wed, 6 Oct 2010
Alpenrose Dairy • map

In what will probably be one of the last nice nights of the year, five Subs made the trek out to Alpenrose to race under the lights. Krissy got us started the right way with a 7th place finish in the beginner’s race (gettin’ time to cat-up, darlin’!), and Jill ran incognito in a green shirt to 15th in the B’s (sometimes you gotta race smelly, girlie).

On the men’s side, John rode an awesome race to place lucky 13th in the singlespeeds (notice he’s not “Mechanical” this week), while his brother, Dave, finished a solid 29th with only a minor nick to the bionic knee. Meanwhile Christian rode through several dropped chains to a mid-pack finish in the B’s, but he got to ride the wall, and that’s really all that matters.

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