Blind Date at the Dairy #3

Wed, 13 Oct 2010
Alpenrose Dairy • map

The evening began with a beautiful and warm 70+ degree sunlit dairy.  Jill and Krissy hit the course with great fury.  Jill took it out hard and led the race through almost 2 laps, but then in the little Western town her tire decided she was riding too fast, so it jumped off of her rim.  Ouch.  It seemed like it was her day, but it was not to be.  Krissy had a great race in the beginner’s Women category.  She charged early, and settled into a solid 12th place finish.

30 minutes later, Nat and John rolled up to the start line for the Single Speed race, and the darkness had already settled in.  The temp was dropping quickly as the race began.  John had an early jump to the front, while Nat was stuck at the back of the start chute.  John stayed up with the lead pack until he slid out, twisted his ankle and endo’d on the gravely s-curve section of the course.  He regained his composure and continued to race.  Meanwhile, Nat was aggressively weaving his way through all of the traffic to try to get up to his teammate, and he did so just following John’s spill.  Nat continued his march to the front group, picking off rider after rider.  All this time, the temperature was continuing to drop, and a surprising amount of condensation was showing up on everything.  The dirt was getting a little muddy, and the grass was becoming wet and slippery.  The key to the race for both of these fellows was riding the run-up each time.  Most people were running, but the GreenSub boys chewed up the field and entertained the crowd by riding up the crazy steep run-up.

In the end, John finished a respectable 23rd.  Next time he will hopefully stay on his bike, and continue to be mechanical-free on his fancy new Stans/King wheels.  Nat finished 9th, never got passed in the race, and earned himself a call-up for next week’s SS start.

In summary, there were plenty highlights and lowlights, but everyone really wants to get a little action and go on a date again next week.

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  1. Christian says:

    Jealous jealous jealous!

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