Cross Crusade #4 – PIR

Sun, 24 Oct 2010
Portland International Raceway • map
Photos: Nat - picasa   Chris - flickr  

It was a wet wet wet muddy day out at PIR.  Unlike previous races, this mud was classic slop.  Not sticky, just fast and dirty. Yeah.  The course was flat, and even though it was muddy, everyone was still flying around their laps.

Quick recap:  Sterry continued his push to the front of the C’s, finishing in the points at 17th place.     Nathan had a great Birthday race, finishing in the front half at 52nd.  The sun peeked out for the men in the morning, but that was not to last.

Next up, Chris flatted, ran a lap, got a new wheel, and still finished in front of 75 dudes in the Master’s C race.  It rained hard.

The biggest GSR contingency was in the Men’s B/SS race.   Ken & Christian raced B, and did well finishing 19th and 36th, respectively.  Dave, John, and Nat raced single speed.  John decided to “add some flare” to his race by jumping onto the immovable object (giant concrete slab).  What happens when a immovable object meets a 38t chainring?  Chainring loses.   John made it on the fist lap, but the second time around he smashed his chainring, ran a lap, and eventually called it a day.  Dave hammered out a great race and finished 43rd in the SS rainy slop.  Nat also had a fantastic race.  He started last, and ended up passing over a hundred single-speeders and the majority of the B field to finish 14th in the Single Speed race.

The day concluded with the ladies killing it in the mud.  Sandy and Phaedra raced in the Women’s Beginner race.  Phaedra finished 57th, riding on Krissy’s temporarily-neglected bike.  Sandy, broken pinky and all, stayed upright on the very slippery course to finish with a fantastic 33rd place.   The Women’s B race featured Hannah and Jill going back and forth with eachother the entire race.  They pulled themselves along through the slop, and ended with Hannah in 31st, and Jill in 33rd.

*Give the officials extra props for scoring this race.  Everyone’s numbers were covered in mud, and they were going Mach 3 past the finish cameras.  Nice job OBRA crew!*

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Good luck in the mud tomorrow everybody. Unfortunately I’ll be sitting this one out as I’m stuck up in Alaska for a few more days. I’ll be there in spirit, though. Go GSR!!!!!! I hope Darve wears a pair or socks that he doesn’t mind getting too dirty…

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