Cross Crusade #5 – Astoria Day1

Sat, 30 Oct 2010
Clatsop County Fairgrounds • map
Photos: Nat - picasa  

After days of rain and more rain, the team rolled up to the Clatsop County Fairgrounds to behold the majestic mud and sunshine (or at least not rain)!

Saturday morning’s racing started off with Nathan and Doc Sterry in the Men’s C’s.  Being the mud aficionados that they both are, the Subs climbed, slid, ran, and splashed their way through a very tough course and finished well.  Nathan placed 32nd, and Steady Sterry finished in the points again with 15th place.  The two retired to the cozy confines of the team tent and settled down with some of Klamth Basin Brewing’s finest ale.

Chris hit the course next in the Masters C race.  He rode his best race of the season thus far, finishing with a little road rash and a 17th place ribbon!  Points!

Next up were the Men’s B’s/Single Speeders.  Christian and Ken shot off the line in the B’s. Christian got out well, while Ken crept his way forward through the race.  Both finished in the points; Christian 15th, and Ken 17th.  Meanwhile, the Single Speeders were also racing on the course.  Dave G., John and Nat started three minutes after the B’s.  Nat opted for the Single Speed over the A’s on the mud-filed course, and luckily drew a good starting number. John was close behind in the start chute.  Dave G. and his super-socks waited in the middle of the bunch until the whistle blew, and blammo they were off.  Five Subs on the course at one time is fun.  Everyone finished well, even though it was a very tough punchy hilly course.  Dave placed 38th, and John placed 28th.  Nat fought up to the front to finish in 4th.

The ladies represented the team well in their races.  Women’s B’s featured Hannah and Jill, and the Beginners race featured Sandy, Diana, and Phaedra.  Oh, let’s not forget about cheerin’ one-armed Krissy!  Although falling down was part of this race, the girls did get back up and finish strong.  Diana finished 27th, Sandy 29th, and Phaedra 32nd.   As we’ve come to expect in the lady B’s, Jill and Hannah were always near each other.  Both were riding well, and navigating the muddy corners and hills smoothly.  In the end, Hannah finished 13th, and Jill finished 16th.

Everyone then went back to the Green Submarine, submerged into the ocean, drank a few beers, watched the Ducks dismantle USC, and got their beauty sleep.  Great race course, excellent racing.

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