Cross Crusade #6 – Astoria Day2

Sun, 31 Oct 2010
Clatsop County Fairgrounds • map
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Sunday muddy Sunday.

It rained all night and into the morning, yet again when the team made its way over to the race the rain stopped and the skies cleared. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Where is Waldo?  Everywhere.  The entire team dressed up as Waldo, and Ken dressed as Odlaw.  Nathan started the day as the lone racer in Men’s C, and clad in his own flaming-pirate-napoleon-dynamite version of Waldo attire, he navigated the very technical muddy switchbacks to a 25th place finish.

Chris and Ken flew around the muddy sunny course in the Master’s B race.  Both looked great in their stripes, with Ken finishing 24th, and Chris finishing 45th in his first Master B race.

Dave Sterry joined Christian in the Men’s B race.  Again the B’s started first, and the Single Speeds followed with Dave G., John, and Nat.   Christian raced his way up to 22nd place, while Professor Consistency (D. Sterry) finished 33rd in his first B race.  If you saw how thick his jeggings were, you’d be even more impressed.  Nat earned a call-up in the SS race, so he was able to start up towards the front.  John and Dave were a little ways back at the start.  Nat again worked his way up through to the front group and fished with a nice 5th place.  John and Dave also rode solid races, finishing 19th and 29th, respectively.

Phaedra raced as the only Beginner Green Sub lady, and she did a great job finishing 35th, with her huge green water replant cape on.

Lastly, Jill and Hannah raced in the Women’s B’s.  After getting stopped a half-lap into the race, the ladies had to go back for a full re-start.  A few minutes later, the whistle blew and they were off, again, this time for real.  Hannah got a great jump and really attacked the mud and the tricky technical stuff.  Jill cruised along in her sexy Waldo duct-tape outfit, picking up a dollar and a mouthful of brew along the way.  Jill ended up finishing 29th.  Hannah continued to pour it on, and really had the team race o’ the day, finishing with a fantastic 4th place.

This was an amazing course, filled with a tough climb, very technical swithcbacks, mud, fast descents, pavement, gravel, grass, barns, twist, turns, and everything else possible.  Great race, great weekend!

3 responses to “Cross Crusade #6 – Astoria Day2”

  1. Christian says:

    I like how Nate proves that Waldo doesn’t have be seen as asexual.

  2. Sandy says:

    There was an untagged pic of Nat in jeggings on FB. I wanted to tag his crotch. Something about Nat’s johnson made me laugh…in my head.

  3. BadMeat says:

    So sad I missed out on the weekend’s festivities. Looks like it was a blast! Next year… See ya’ll this Sunday.

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