Hood River Double Cross Day #1

Sat, 18 Sep 2010
Photos: Chris - flickr  

A surprisingly dry day considering the rain that led up to the weekend. We had a lot of racers, and some spectacular highlights! The day started off with Men’s C: Dave G., John, Christian, Chris, and Dave S. raced. Dave G decided to chuck himself off of the bridge into the rocky waters below. That was his own unique first-lap tactic, and he did finish the race very strong. After that, he took it easy. ;-) Jimmy raced Master’s C, and his son cheered for him by wearing the tiniest cycling jersey ever. That is one aero toddler. Next, Ken & I raced in Men’s B, and John raced again in the Single Speed category. Lastly, the ladies raced; Krissy and Diana in the Beginners, and Hannah is the Women’s B’s. Krissy decided that a flat tire was a good idea at the end of the race, and Hannah decided crashing a bit would keep her fast. In summary, it was a great day.

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